Does your tech innovation do any social good?

What’s the use of technology – tools, techniques and methods if they don’t help the mass? If you build a tool just to help you with the task on hand is fine. Once you found it useful, there’s a chance there’s at least one more person like you in this world who might find it useful. So, sharing becomes caring. 

People in the business of caring try to find ways and means to fulfil their mission. If that’s your mission, you look around for partnership that matter. That’s when new innovations emerge out of the necessity. If the need is mutually beneficial, social good follows. 

NFTs are the new vogue in the technology world, caught firmly with the artists communities. Cancer is a killer disease. Troubling both the patient and the caregiving families. Unpredictable and expensive treatment options make it harder. What if a unique NFT series made using real living cancer cells, to fund treatment for those suffering from these cancers? That’s the question asked by BuyMyCancer and there comes a life-saving-solution from the technology. Isn’t this a nice way of combination of independently developed solutions coming together for a cause? 

Asking the right question is the way-finder-lens required for social carers like you.

be a #dreamerdoer

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